Links & Likes

I'm going to try to do one of these Links & Likes posts every week. There are so many great things I find all over the internet everyday, but they don't all warrant their own post. So this is my way to share some great blog posts, videos, photos, etc. that deserve your attention.

I discovered the amazing note-taking, organization tool Evernote [I Just Might Explode]

Some Springtime eye candy. Tulip Belt of the Netherlands! [Doe Deere Blogazine]

A beautiful fashion video, The Curve of Forgotten Things for Rodarte starring Elle Fanning.
(I actually like the visuals of the video as a whole, more than the actual clothes.)

I've got to get these molds! Fight Club Chocolate Bars! [A Beautiful Mess]

I'm in love with Anna Sui Spring 2011, Wildfox White Label Spring 2011, and Wildfox Fall 2011.

I've got to try this DIY: Lace Sunnies [Audrey Kitching]

This beautiful animation...

I love the photos and video for 31 Bits New Line "Haven" [Promise Tangeman]

Emily Browning is so beautiful it pains me to look at her because I'm so jealous. Also, she makes me want a bowler hat.