Go Tubing!

I've discovered some great YouTubers recently! Let me take you on a journey of discovery...

It all started with this lovely lady, Marie Forleo. She runs a blog designed the help women entreprenuers be Rich, Happy & Hot. She does a Q & A Tuesday video every week. I had just discovered Marie's website thanks to Gala Darling, and was going back through her videos watching any that peaked my interest. I watched one in which she talked with Michelle Vargas, the young video producer/director/DP/editor who makes all of Marie's videos.

So, I heard Michelle's story and went to check out her YouTube channel(s). One of her channels is Grace n Michelle, made with her hilarious friend, Grace. They had some pretty funny, cute videos.

I went on from that channel, to check out Grace's other channel, Daily Grace. Jackpot! This girl is so hilarious and cute, I watched all of her daily vlogs within a few days. I'm addicted! Grace has the best job in the world. She vlogs for a living. She has been working for MyDamnChannel.com for about three years, vlogging every weekday. I find it amazing that this girl can make so many videos and manage to be original and hilarious every single day.

[This video is hilarious if you pay attention and watch it through to the end. Seriously. You'll get it.]

Also from Grace n Michelle, I found Michelle's boyfriend's channel, idointernet. He's got some pretty hilarious, silly videos as well.

So, I really suggest checking out all of these lovely ladies' (and gentleman's) channels. They're all extremely talented and have something different to offer. But, most of all- check out Daily Grace. It will just make your life better, I guarantee it.

Marie Forelo
Grace n Michelle
Daily Grace