Photoshoot Outtakes

I did a photo shoot the other day to have cute "Bakestress" photos. I wanted a baking-themed photo for my Skullcakes site, and also for "The Bakestress" videos I'm planning. I've just started going through the photos, choosing the best ones to edit and use, but some of them were so hilariously awkward, I had to share.

I'm walking away now...                                                            Oh... My bowl is empty.

What am I doing with this?                                                            Welcome to Baking with Crazies

It's so bright!                                                            Uh... How do I use this thing?

Tish, you're facing the wrong way.                                                            Wrong hand...

And now you know... For every good photo, there are about 10 awkward ones like these. I'm no supermodel. ;)