You may have noticed that I've had a link to Tish.TV in my sidebar for a while now, which links to my YouTube channel. But there's nothing about "Tish.TV" on my channel. In fact, I haven't posted a video in nearly a year! So, what's going on?

I'm getting back to making videos! *applause* I can't believe I haven't posted a video since September! That's craziness! I had such a creative slump of a Winter, but over the past few months I've been overflowing with ideas for all sorts of creative projects. I decided to get over my embarrassment of my really old, poor quality camcorder and just go ahead and start making videos. I'm not going to be able to afford a new camera any time soon, so I'm not going to let that stop me from having fun!

I'm sort of "re-inventing" my YouTube channel as Tish.TV. (Clever- I know.) I'm going to be doing interviews with interesting & creative people (artists, musicians, etc), DIY projects, Style videos, baking & cake decorating videos (as The Bakestress), covering Ottawa events & places, and a weekly video called Tuesdays with Tish.

I've got endless video ideas organized in my Evernote that I will hopefully get to eventually, but I do have a few that I'm currently working on...

What you can look forward to from Tish.TV in September...

There's Something About Mondays 5 Year Reunion!!!
What am I talking about, you ask? Back in grade 12, my two best friends and I started making a weekly YouTube show after school. It was basically just us being silly and whatnot, but we (and some friends) found it amusing. I've been wanting to do a reunion episode for a few years now, but for a while we weren't all friends. But now we're all friends again! Yay! And, perfect timing, it's been 5 years! Even if you don't care about the original TSAM, this will be a cute and funny video about us.

Tish.TV DIY // Duct Tape Dress Form (v.2)
Kim and I made a video of how to make a duct tape dress form before, but we never finished them properly and since then, I've been answering so many questions in the video's comments about what it's for and how to improve it. After writing an improved version of the instructions for BUST magazine, I realized it was time that we did it properly on video. We're going to take everything we've learned from the first experience, from watching other videos and our own good ideas to create a more comprehensive and helpful DIY video.

Tuesdays with Tish
I probably will start off doing one every other week, until I get back into the swing of frequent filming & editing and/or I get some viewers who want more of me. ;) I have a very long list of silly things to do for these videos from getting to know me, answering questions & comments, silly how-tos, reviewing, and hopefully the occasional guest! We'll see where this one goes depending on the response I get from people. But with all the crazy ideas I have, I think I'll be happy making these videos whether they get 100 views or 100,000.

I hope you're all excited for some videos! Video has been my main creative outlet since I started when I was 13. I really feel good about this new chapter in my life/YouTube career. I'm getting really serious about creating original content that will attract viewers other than my friends. Up until this point I've almost exclusively made videos by myself, with no help. I'm ready to put myself out there and work with other people on videos. I'm hoping that I'll be able to create a lot of different video content for you and maybe even make some friends for myself along the way. (Did I mention I have no friends?) These are just the beginning of my video ideas and plans, so stay tuned! Good things are coming!