I Wrote an Article for BUST Magazine...

I've been dying to share this exciting news since May! I was contacted by an editor at BUST magazine to write a DIY article of how to make a duct tape dress form for the August/September issue. She had seen my video (P.S. A new & improved video is on its way!) and then checked out my blog, and I guess liked them both enough to think I was the girl for the job!
It was such an exciting experience to be contacted by a real-life publication to write for them! Even though it's just a short instructions article, it's such a big deal for me. I can say I've been published!

If you're interested in making your own dress form using duct tape, you can watch my video to see how it's done. But- stay tuned for my new & improved video, which will be much more helpful than the first video and the article. It should be up in a few weeks. :)
TishTish, video