My Birthday Wishlist

I'm not actually expecting any of these presents from anyone, it's just a wishlist. ;)
But these are three things I would really love. And I might just get for myself someday.

Massage Gift Certificate

I blame my lame cashier job. I spend all day standing, hunched over the cash register and counter, scanning and bagging. Sore shoulders everyday. :(


I think this might be my favorite game console. I've never owned one, but I always loved when I got to play it. I've got a Super NES and PS2 now, but Super NES is quite limited and PS2 doesn't have Nintendo games, like my favorite; Mario Party.

Grey Wolf Spirit Hood

I just love it. And it will keep me warm. I love anything that will liven up my dull Winter.

P.S. My birthday is October 31st, so remember to wish me a Happy Birthday then. :)