There's Something About Mondays Five Year Reunion

Okay, so you probably definitely haven't seen the YouTube show my friends and I made in high school called There's Something About Mondays. So, let me get you up to speed: three girls (with nicknames, LC, BB and Lo) sit in front of a computer (iSight) and talk about stuff, all silly and funny-like, and then dance at the end.
That was when we were 17. I now present us at 22. Not acting as silly, plus one baby, minus one iMac.

There are links at the end of that video to these videos, but if you can't manage to make it through that one, I've put them here for your viewing pleasure.

And then I went through our old footage from our original episodes and found even more goodies that never made it into our shows.

If you're actually interested in seeing the original show, I present our first of ten (well, really seven) episodes.

Okay, so aside from really not caring about me and my friends five years ago, or even now, what did you think?
I know the content's probably not that appealing to you, but this is my first video in a YEAR and my first video edited with Final Cut Express (used to use iMovie). So I'm pretty excited and proud of it/them.
I'm working on editing a DIY video now, so that should be ready in a couple weeks! And then I'm going to start doing Tuesdays with Tish and trying to get some cool people let me interview them!
I'm really shifting my focus to videos, so I apologize for the lack of blogging. I'm still trying to fit it in, but when I get excited about a new creative project, it consumes my life!
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