It's My Birthday

Twenty two years ago today, I pushed my way out of my mother's vagina.

In other news... I dyed my hair!

It has a long explanation of how this came about. When I dyed my hair from bleached blonde back to brown in the Spring, I still had three containers of red Manic Panic. So, I thought, well, someday when my hair is longer I'll do a red chunk/streak/piece somewhere that looks cool. But then for a while I was torn between the idea of never having to dye my hair ever again and not wasting hair dye.

When thinking of how/where to put red in my hair, I looked to Knives Chau for inspiration, since I also had a short bob with bangs. About a week ago, I Googled Knives Chau to check out her hair to decide if that's what I wanted to do, and I saw that, although she dyed it blue in the movie, all the comic and fan art of Knives had a red streak. And then I remembered that I have a black and white striped scarf and it hit me- I could be Knives Chau for Halloween. So that pretty much cemented the idea of dying my hair.

I didn't have time to do a proper photo shoot, but I snapped this shot quickly...

 "Steal my boyfriend, taste my steel!"

Another birthday tradition, other than changing my hair (remember last year? Big mistake) is to make a list of things to do that year (aka 20 Before 21, 21 Before 22).
I've learned my lesson that I am no good at living up to amibitous goals like that, so this year I decided to make some goals I'm sure I can keep. And to make it more fun for all of us, I turned that list into a lovely poem. Let me present... 

Things I'm Going to Do When I'm Twenty-Two

I make these goals
Most every year
To make the most
Of my time here

I'm ashamed to say
That every time
I don't complete
The list of mine

This year will be different
This year I'll pull through
This year I'll get it done
That's why I'm telling you

These are some things
That I plan to do
This year starting now
While I'm twenty two

Soon it will be winter
A season that I hate
But this year I want to have fun
So I'm going to go skate

Snow can be pretty
As it falls from the sky
I'll use it to make a fort
Several stories high

I've always loved music
I can play the piano, guitar and flute
This year I've got a banjo
I want to learn to play, too.

I took some French in school
But I wish I'd taken more
This year I'm going to learn
The language I adore

This year I'll finally do it
I'm going to stick it out
I'll watch the entire Godfather series
That I've heard so much about   

For two years I've wanted to visit
Ripley, my hometown
Last time my plans fell through
But this year I'll go down
I'll continue to do what I love
Making videos for YouTube
But this year I want to
Make videos with other people, too
This year I'm sure
I'll go through with it
I'll accomplish all these goals
And have fun doing it!

Alright, that's it. I'm twenty-two years old, now. However, I have yet to "grow up"...