Christmas Music: The Oldies

The best way to get into the Christmas spirit (and who doesn't love getting into the Christmas spirit?) is to listen to Christmas music. I love my Christmas music. Not just because it gets me feelin' Christmassy, but because of the albums my family has listened to every Christmas for as long as I can remember. They wouldn't be music I would pick out now, but they're become a part of my Christmas tradition.
This year I went a little crazy on Christmas music. I searched "Christmas" in iTunes and perused through hundreds of Christmas albums from new releases (Justin Beiber, She & Him, Glee) to 90's popstars (Destiny's Child, N*SYNC), even bands that should never release Christmas albums (Twisted Sister?). I stocked up on oldies, oddies, and anything else that tickled my Christmas ear. And, because Christmas is all about sharing & caring, I'm going to share my favorite Christmas music with you. 

Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start...

The Oldies

Boney M
This is one of the albums from my childhood. However, I don't like this album only for the childhood memories, it's a great Christmas album! It's like a 70's disco Christmas! Okay, so, disco doesn't sound like a genre that goes with Christmas music but, unlike when some pop stars try to make Christmas albums and just end up making a pop album with Christmas lyrics, this album manages that elusive and very sought-after musical accomplishment of combining a genre of music with Christmas music that results in a Christmas album that gives you good Christmas vibes, and also kind of makes you want to get down and boogie. Their version of Feliz Navidad is one of my all-time favorite Christmas songs.

Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley
I never would have thought to look for Christmas albums from these guys, but when I saw them in the iTunes list, it just made sense to me. They both have amazing, smooth, deep voices that I love and go perfectly with those slow, moody Christmas songs like Blue Christmas.

The Nutcracker
What's Christmas without The Nutcracker? I know Tchaikovsky may not be the type of music you expect to be recommended by a blogger, but it's The Nutcracker! Everyone knows some of The Nutcracker suite, even if you think you don't. You saw Fantasia as a kid, right? Then I'm sure you have some fond childhood memories and Disney visuals to go with Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker. It's like listening to a movie soundtrack. The music reminds you of scenes of the movie and those feelings. Maybe it's just me, but listening to The Nutcrack suite makes me feel all Christmassy and brings visions of giant Christmas trees, dancing soldiers and sugar plum fairies. 

Note: I found all of these albums in the iTunes store.