Coming Attractions

It's time for another round-up of movies to make sure you go see!

It's like Misfits, if one of them went bad...
This is definitely not another retelling of a fairy tale...
This one makes a good, quick drinking game. Drink every time you see someone famous.
Et, voila! You're shitfaced!

I love when movies can be just about people. Nothing really has to happen, just stick four parents in a room and see what shit gets stirred up.
Make fun of me all you want, but I am looking forward to this. The last book is the best, in my opinion. I mean, don't you want to see Edward rip open Bella's womb with his teeth?
Another reluctant father story (been there, seen that), but this one has Abigail Breslin singing, so it might be worth seeing.
I like British people. I like tragic love stories. Like, crazy.