2012. 12 Months. 12 Projects.

It just came to me one day... It's going to be 2012. I'll do 12 things. There are 12 months. I'll do one awesome thing every month.

I have a very bad track record at going through with plans (if you've read my blog, you'll know this by all the blog features I've started and not kept up with). I love making plans, it's the doing that I don't have a firm grasp on. 

So, once again, I have come up with a system of getting things done. This one might just actually make enough sense to work for me... I hope.

I always have a million projects on the go, or that I want to start. Blog posts, crafts, videos, art, music, etc. Which, for my short attention span, means that nothing actually ever gets done because I can never choose from the long list of things to do. And if I decide to focus on one project, I feel like I'm ignoring everything else I need to do.

My solution to this problem of everything-at-once is to assign myself one major project a month. I have the entire month to work on one project that will be done by the end of the month.

I haven't decided on every project for the year (the other reason I can't follow through with long-term plans is that I change my mind so often), but I have a few ideas.

Super Mario World felt mural, learn the banjo, write & draw a comic story, make graphic t-shirts, learn French, doodle journals, short film, make an amazing Halloween costume, record Christmas songs.

Some of those will require explanation for you when that month comes. Some are projects that will have a definite finished product at the end of the month, while some are more that I'm going to take a month to focus working on one thing.

I'll still be doing more than one crafty thing a month, but this will help me keep my focus. Hopefully, I'll be able to let go of all my other ideas, knowing that I will get to them another month, and just focus (most of) my free time on one main project.

I'm excited to get long-awaited ideas done this year. I hope you'll enjoy reading about my projects and experiences along the way.