Girl I Love // Dianna Agron

...but you can call her Charlie.

After reading about how strange and awesome this chick is in her NYLON interview, I decided she wasn't just a pretty face (and she is almost annoyingly pretty), and nothing like her Glee character, cheerleader Quinn Fabray.

After using her Tumblr as a place to gather her inspiration, she found a lot of people were sharing a lot of their inspiration with her as well, so she began her own website, You, Me & Charlie. The site is run by Dianna with many contributing writers. I would compare it to Hello Giggles in its format, but its content is very different. Charlie focuses on sharing inspiring artwork, people, etc. It's more like a Tumblr in the way that people will post a photo set, a video, a website, but there aren't a lot of written articles. It's a website you can get completely lost in for hours browsing through all the categories, discovering new things and getting inspired.

It turns out Dianna, who identifies more with the name Charlie, is a pretty rad girl who "would live [her] entire life down the rabbit hole in a world of nonsense, but due to the low probability of [her] ever finding that damn hole, [she uses her] vivid imagination every day and refuse[s] to ever truly grow up." 

Dianna Agron is a Girl I Love because she explores all types of art, shares inspiration through her website, is weird in a good way, believes in magick and is the kind of gorgeous, cool chick who you just want to be friends with.

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