Girl I Love // Marissa A. Ross

I first discovered Marissa A. Ross and her unique comedy stylings through the website Hello Giggles for which Marissa writes and did a web series called Wine Time "in which a girl who knows nothing about wine, aside from the fact that she drinks it everyday, reviews wine."

After watching all of her Wine Time videos, I couldn't decide how I felt about her. On the one hand, I found her somewhat annoying but, on the other, I found her to be very cleverly funny and pretty much awesome.

I forgot about her for a while, until something reminded me to look her up again. I found her blog, Tangents and the Times and spent hours hitting the "random-ass tangent" button, reading her articles.

Marissa is one of those comedic writers who can write about mundane, everyday, happens-to-everyone situations but somehow make it sound hilarious by describing the situation with her creative metaphors and adding in her clever commentary.

If reading is too difficult for you, why not check out her web series, Tangents &the Times? Because Marissa isn't just a writer, she's "a writer who graduated from acting school to make a living as a blogger." Marissa plays herself, an LA girl trying to make it as a writer despite her inability to get out of bed in the morning without a bong hit. I've watched the three short episodes at least three times already. Something about it is so addictive!

Marissa A. Ross is a Girl I Love because she rocks the blunt bangs, refers to her boyfriend as "Dudefriend", drinks copiously, strives for a life of perpetual Summer, once "Captain Morgan-ed" a toilet, writes hilariously about it all on her blog and works her ass off making her web series and getting other projects off the ground.

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