Some Things I Learned from Star Wars

On Friday I had myself a Star Wars Movie Marathon, and I learned some important things about the Star Wars world and some life lessons...

They really like big award ceremonies in a galaxy far, far away...

Put aside the politics, the super-cool fight scenes, the battle between good and evil, and what you've really got is a buddy comedy starring C3PO and R2D2. Clearly, George Lucas was really just trying to write a story of two friends getting into all sorts of hilarious trouble, but all the human drama overshadows them.

Don't split up siblings when adopting because they will grow up, be attracted to each other, kiss, and forever be disgusted with themselves.

Every good movie needs an abominable snow monster.
[Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Star Wars, Monsters Inc.]

The correct response to "I love you." is "I know."

"Sith" is an anagram of "Tish" that I had not realized until now.

Leia's hair buns are actually much larger than costumes and parodies have led me to think.

Light sabers are a very efficient and mess-free way of killing or just amputating as they cauterize as they slice.

Anakin is a brat!
He mouths off to the guy who owns him. He talks tough to a scary pod racer. He whines about everything. He doesn't do what he's told. How was anyone surprised when he went evil?

Machines/droids that walk on legs are much less efficient, but much cooler than ones that just roll along smoothly.

Executions used to be fun.
Nowadays we just get it over with using injections, but long ago in a galaxy far, far away, they made a good show of it. Why just chop off their head, when you can tie them up in an arena and release vicious beasts to rip off their heads for your entertainment and delight? Obviously, this doesn't work with Jedis, they're too clever.

Why Daily Grace calls us "gungans." 
I knew it looked/sounded familiar and if I had just Googled it, I would have found the answer, but it was more fun hearing Star Wars characters say it multiple times.