The Bakestress on Facebook

I just wanted to let you know that I've made myself a Facebook page for my cake making; The Bakestress.

If you haven't checked out The Bakestress page here on the blog, you may not know I make cakes, since it's  been a while since I've posted any baking on my blog. I've been making cakes for people for a couple years, usually with my friend, Kim. I've tried a couple times to make a proper 'business' out of it with a website and Facebook page and business cards and all that, but now I'm taking a more casual approach to it.

Rather than a business name, I'm using the name I came up with for myself (Originally "cakestress", coined by my BFF Addie when Kim and I were making her wedding cake. I decided to change it to "Bakestress" to be less specific.) to generally promote my cake-making.

I'm using the Facebook page as a public place to show my photos and promote my classes. After taking the Wilton cake decorating classes last Summer, I officially became a Wilton Method Instructor back in November. However, I have yet to teach any classes because no one has signed up for my daytime classes. One of my instructors, and now friend, uses a Facebook page to promote his cakes, classes and communicate with his former students, so I figured I should do the same. Once I start teaching, I think it'll be a good way to connect with my students if I have a place they can go to check me out, contact me, and I can let them know when my new class times are so they can take their next course with me!

Like I said, I'm trying not to get ahead of myself and make this too 'business-y', but I am making business cards. Word of mouth is great for this type of job, but handing out some business cards along with someone's cake order is another great way to make sure people will check out your work and think of you when they need a cake. These are my simple business card designs I'm printing myself later this week (in time to hand out with a cake job due Friday).

So, please take a moment to go check out the Facebook page. You can see photos of all my cake projects in one place, and some new photos of the new gum paste flowers I'm learning to make. If you're in the Ottawa area, be sure to 'like' the page and share it with your friends! My cake jobs have been few and far between lately. I'd love the chance to design a cake and use the new techniques I'm learning. And, if you're interested in learning cake decorating, check out the calendar to see when I'm teaching (location & contact information on the page).