Banjo Inspiration

As I spend this month focusing on learning & practicing the banjo, guitar, and piano, having some inspiration and goals will help push me. Just learning the basics can be so boring, but when I have a cool song in mind that I want to learn to play, that will really motivate me to work at it. So, throughout the month I'm going to share some songs and videos that are my inspirations and motivations to learn these instruments.

My primary goal this month is learning to play the banjo. I have to start from scratch, learning to tune it, learning the notes, how to pick, etc. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of people doing banjo covers on YouTube and not many of those are songs I would actually like to learn to play, but I did find a few videos that I like.

And, of course, my biggest Banjo inspiration of all... 

I'm also collecting cool banjo images on a Pinterest board. Take a look. I told you; Banjos are cool!