February // Love is in the Air


Oh, how cliché of me to make February's theme love just because it contains one day dedicated to love. Well, joke's on you- I'm not a complete cliché! I decided that yes, February's focus will be all about love but I want us to focus on self-love.

“Love yourself, for if you don't, how can you expect anybody else to love you?” True facts, guys. Whether you're single and dreading seeing Valentine's day junk everywhere you go, or looking forward to a romantic night with your partner, take this month to focus your warm fuzzy feelings inwards to yourself.

February is a pretty dreary month weather-wise, but try to beat the winter blues. Treat yourself with some self-love in the form of a home spa day, a shopping trip, a trip to a favorite museum or gallery, anything that will make you happy and celebrate your awesomeness.

My recommendations this month are all about giving yourself some much-needed love.

Gala Darling is all about self-love. Her website is dedicated to 'radical self-love', which is what this month is all about, right? Gala sells her e-book Love & Sequins chapter-by-chapter, or all together. (And it's half-price for February, so no excuse not to grab it.) I've read about half of the chapters so far. It has provided me with so much inspiration. The book covers topics from business, blogging, self-love, social awkwardness, and style. If you're not ready to take the plunge into a 12-chapter e-book, then just check out Gala's blog. You can get your daily dose of self-love and fun stuff for free.

Listen: Lights
I've been enjoying Lights' newest album, Siberia (and her first album, and her EPs), since it came out a few months ago. This album is 'grittier' than her first and just as electro fun. While I recommend all of Lights' sweet jams, there are a couple songs that specifically go with February. One song is February Air- Obviously, because it mentions February. The other is My Boots- an ode to her love/hate relationship with Winter (Canadians can totally relate.) Get yourself to the iTunes store to check out Siberia for sure, and her older music as well.

Watch: Disney fairy tales
Modern day love stories like Nicholas Sparks movies are too obvious and cheesey. Let's go back to old school love. Your first love: Disney movies. Why make yourself cry over another tragic ending to a Nicholas Sparks film when you can live happily ever after with Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Ariel, and Aurora?
Single or taken, we can all enjoy a PG wholesome love story to remind us of what it's all (supposed to be) about: falling in love, over coming obstacles together and living happily ever after.

Two great albums dropped yesterday; Lana Del Rey's Born to Die and The Asteroids Galaxy Tour's Out of Frequency. I managed to snag them last week online (Shh!) and have been listening to them non-stop. I already loved Lana Del Rey's singles, so I was sure I'd like the album. I saw that The Asteroids Galaxy Tour had a new single, so I decided to check out their whole discography since I had one song of theirs that I liked. I've been loving their fun, groovy music all week. You can find them both in the iTunes store.

On February 11th, Zooey Deschanel will be hosting SNL with musical guest Karmin. I usually don't know in advance and anticipate SNL hosts or musical guests, but when I heard about this combination I got excited. I've been really loving Zooey's new show New Girl, so I have high hopes for her adorable humor in the sketches. Karmin became quite famous on YouTube for their covers, but they're coming out with their album of original songs soon. I love their first single Crash Your Party. I'm excited to see them live. They put on a good show.

There are only two movie releases that I'm looking forward to this month. The first is Chronicle on the 3rd. A group of teenage boys have superhero-like powers, which they use to amuse themselves at first, but then one of them goes a little nutso. On the 17th, you can see The Secret World of Arrietty. I may have developed a soft spot for Japanese animated movies like this because of my love of Hayao Miyazaki and, more recently, Mamoru Hosoda. This looks like a cute adventure for all ages. 

Days of Note
2nd - Groundhog Day
This is one of those gimmick holidays that really has no point. There's something about when a groundhog pops its head out of its hole today, if it sees its shadow, we're in for 6 more weeks of Winter but if it doesn't, Spring will come early? Some nonsense like that. Or, you could watch that Bill Murray movie?
Yay! Football! Just kidding- I don't care about sports.

"No glove, no love." "Pack your meat before the heat." "Wrap your attacker before you tap her." But seriously, guys. Safe sex.
First, click above to read about the history of Valentine's Day. Everyone says it's such a cheesey holiday invented by the greeting card companies. But like every holiday, it has its own history and reason behind it. On the other hand, embrace the cheese! Come on, have fun making Valentines for your friends, dress up in red and white and enjoy those little heart-shaped candies with weird sayings on them.

21st - Mardi Gras
Fellow singletons, don't let your lonely Valentine's Day get you down! Remember you've only got one more week til Mardi Gras! Unfortunately, only some cities really go all out for Mardi Gras, so you may not be able to partake in some crazy festivities around town, but nothing's stopping you from having fun making a mask, putting on some beads and having some fun! Throw your own Mardi Gras party! Just keep your shirt on, please.

29th - Leap Day
It's that special day that comes but once every four years. It's almost like a non-day. It doesn't really count. So, do something crazy that you wouldn't normally do! Oh, and, don't forget that adorable movie Leap Year starring Amy Adams.

February art from 2011 calender by Abby Orsow for Seablanket