Flashback Friday // La Photo Cabine

Once I discovered the cool website La Photo Cabine (in Fall '09) that lets you take old fashioned photo booth photos, I started using it almost everyday to, well, let's face it: be a little vain, but also as a sort of photo journal of my life.

I guess I forgot about it and/or lost interest in it at some point. It's been over a year since I was regularly taking photos with it. But, I'm back at it, trying to remember to take photos everyday. Rather than post them on my blog (like I used to) I've put them into a Flickr photo set where they can all be seen in order and write a short description to go along with them. You may have noticed the Flickr widget in my side column where you can see the latest photo, as well. So, if you're interested in my face, or like me, miss my long hair and want to reminisce with photos of it, take a look at the photo set and keep an eye on the widget for glimpses of what I'm up to, or just look like day-to-day.