Links + Likes // 02.12.12

I actually like her hair and most of her outfits, but they do make their point that she has worn some questionable outfits on the show.

I love this idea and the resulting photos. It's basically a photo story of two girls visiting a city, checking out the vintage shops and happenin' spots, and making you jealous of their fabulous lives.

My blog friend, Mandy, is having a really neat giveaway on her blog, Chocolate & Cream Cake! Some Amazon gift cards, yes, but what I'm really excited about is winning a custom bookplate design! Mandy made this geeky cute one for her & her husband's personal library (for the inside cover of books, so borrowers know where to return it) and I love the idea! I hope I win, so we can design one for me together, but I may just design something for myself. ;)

Degrassi (the original series, guys) really is one of the best TV shows ever. I remember going to my best friend's house everyday after school to watch Degrassi Junior High on TV. She even once cut her hair like Liz. Man, we were so cool. Degrassi taught me so much about being a teenager, even though I was only in the third grade. I think it prepared me for high school much better than Clueless, which was also a big influence on third grade me, did. I watched the entire series this past year and loved every bit of it, even though 80's fashion hurts my eyeballs.

As a Scott Pilgrim fan and a Canadian, I was extremely jealous when my friends, who have lived in Toronto, said they recognized a lot of places from the Scott Pilgrim movie (which, like the comic, is set in Toronto). Someone got photos of the real-life places depicted in the Scott Pilgrim comics to compare. Nerdfest!

I have no interest in ever watching Dawson's Creek (I think I was bit young to be enticed by it when it originally aired, so I've never seen it.) but I am so enjoying these hilarious recaps.