Movie Marathon // Long Distance Love

I recently had myself a movie marathon consisting of movies featuring long distance relationships. I might have subconsciously had something on my mind? These three movies each take a very different approach to looking at the dynamics of a long distance relationship. There's the practical issues like Skype dates and violated Visas, the problems with jealousy and seeing other people, and, thankfully, none of them have a sappy ending, teaching us that long distance doesn't really work, but there is hope...

With Valentine's Day coming up, these movies may get you romantically inspired. Unless you are, in fact, in a long distance relationship and these just make you totally depressed that you can't be with your loved one on Valentine's Day. Or maybe you're single and these will be the perfect angry, alone Valentine's Day movies to have a good cry to. Or maybe you're just in a perfectly happy relationship and you can watch these and be glad that it's not you. (P.S. We hate you.)

The Comedy: Going the Distance
Maybe ease yourself into these movies with the light-hearted look at how two people try to make a long distance relationship work. This one may actually give you some legitimate advice on how to deal with being in a long distance relationship. Skype dates, texts, phone calls, expensive airfare, and a lot of frustration are all part of the deal.

The Nicholas Sparks: Dear John
Here's the real tear jerker for you, if that's what you're into. Torn apart by war and damn 9/11. If you want to see beautiful people be in love for half a movie and then not really in love/together for the other half, well, get the tissues out.

The Indie: Like Crazy
This is by far the most realistic portrayal of a long distance relationship out of these movies. The 'indie' title should have been the tip-off right? Those indies are always so real. Their relationship is just so torturous. She literally cannot leave the country because she violated her Visa in America, so they're both living their lives far apart, and then they try to let go, but then they visit, and they're together, then they're with other people, then they're together, and it's just so, like, crazy!
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