Tuesdays with Tish // Single Girl's Valentine's Day

It's been a while since I made a video! It was so much fun (and work) to make this one. This started as something I was writing for just a blog post, but then I got ideas how I could make it even more fun by acting out.  This is quite possibly my most embarrassing video, but also possibly the funniest. People making fools of themselves is usually funny, right? Single or not, enjoy!

Fun Facts
- My cocktail is actually just water and food coloring. The tequila bottle is filled with water. It's from Mexico. Where I didn't go. Which I didn't drink.
- I spent the better part of two days' free time making the mini-cakes and cake-pops from the leftovers of a cake I made last week. (You'll see the cake and how I made the cake pops & mini-cakes in posts later this week.)
- I was listening to dubstep (my newest music fascination- just getting into it- any recommendations?) between shots, so I have a lot of outtakes of me dancing like an idiot who doesn't know how to dance to dubstep.
- I don't actually like cake pops because I don't like cake and icing together. I like cake, but I put a nice simple glaze (icing sugar and water) on my cupcakes. And I do like my icing (I'll lick the beaters- yum!) but not on cake. (In an outtake I might show someday, after shoving that mini-cake in my mouth, I said "Oh my god, I'm gonna throw up." But I didn't.)
- I can make myself cry really easily, so I didn't even have to actually watch sappy romance movies to make myself cry for the video.
- This was my first attempt at split-screen in a video and it was a lot easier to set up & edit than I thought. So, look forward to more videos featuring more than one of me!
- I took all those cake pops & mini cakes to work yesterday for the masses to devour. I got a lot of complements and thanks and maybe even a cake pop order!
- I'm not actually doing any of those things today. I think I'm all Valentined out. I'll be spending the day cleaning up the chaos left over from the video shoot. :)

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