Valentine's Day Cake Pops

After I used the larger leftover cake pieces to make mini-cakes, I crumbled up the rest of the cake bits to make cake pops.

Unfortunately for us vegans, our only dipping option is dark chocolate (no milk ingredients). The candy melts that are usually used, which come in many colors, contain milk ingredients. So, basically, that sucks for vegans because we don't get color options. I won't stand for that, so I attempted to dip the pops in a simple glaze (icing sugar + water), which I prefer taste-wise and would give me color choices. That didn't work out as planned, however, as the glaze just continued to slowly drip off the pops, not setting hard like chocolate will.
My next idea for dipping cake pops, in something colorful and vegan, is poured fondant. It's similar to glaze, but with more ingredients, so I will have to test out its dripping. Otherwise, it looks like I'll be using the candy melts for colorful cake pops, but not eating them myself. (Which is okay with me, since I don't really like cake pops- too much icing.)

I did find a compromise with these cake pops for adding color. I drizzled some of the glaze over top of the chocolate to add some fun pink swirls. I also stuck on some heart sprinkles.

This was only my second attempt at cake pops. I had a lot of fun this time experimenting with making shapes and decorating techniques. The next cake pops I make will be for a store demo (March 3rd 1-3pm, Michaels Stores). I'm planning on making Easter and Spring themed cake pops, using the Wilton Candy Melts. So, look forward to seeing those on the blog soon. If you're in the Ottawa area and interested in learning to make cake pops and cake decorating, I am a Wilton Method Instructor at a Michaels store. Check out my Facebook page to see my upcoming classes. I'll be doing some cake pops classes for kids & teens during March Break.