Valentine's Day Mini Cakes

After I made this cake last week, I had a lot of cake leftovers. Since Valentine's Day was coming up (and I was planning on making a video that could use some props) I decided to make some Valentine's Day treats from the leftover cake and icing.
From leveling out the cake layers, I was left with large, almost 1" thick pieces of cake, which was exactly what I needed for this Valentine's mini cakes idea.
Here's what I used: Cake, buttercream icing, fondant, gum paste, heart-shaped cookie cutter, fondant & gum paste tools.

To create my heart shapes, I used a cookie cutter to cut hearts out of any cake pieces that were big enough. I made two pieces into cake sandwiches with icing between and then iced the outside.

I covered them in fondant, which can be quite tricky, especially for small shapes like this. The trick is to work your way down from the top, smoothing it out. Don't let the fondant fold. I used a handy gum paste rolling cutter tool to trim the excess, but you can use a sharp knife.

The next day I decided that just the red was too plain, so I got out my gum paste and tools to make some heart shapes to add on top.

And this is what I ended up with!

I ended up putting them in cupcake liners (flattened a bit) to give them some some bottom protection for moving them around and giving them away.
I also made cake pops from the rest of the leftover cake!