March // Busy Bee

"Busy, busy, busy, like a really tall bee."
- Lorelei Gilmore, Gilmore Girls

Yup, that's me. A really tall bee. The exciting thing is that, months after officially becoming a Wilton Method Instructor, I finally started teaching my first cake decorating classes last week! The only not-so-great part about that is that it means my schedule has been jammed-pack (jam-packed?) with preparing last-minute for classes (because I'm a big procrastinator), teaching classes, 4 trips to the grocery store in one week and my regular work shifts. Phew! I'm exhausted everyday!

So, as exciting as this new job and part of my life is, it's making me sad that I've had to put aside the other parts of my life that I love like craft projects, video ideas, catching up on tv and movies and, obviously, blogging! I kept intending to write my first-of-the-month post about what to look forward to this month, and my March project posts, but as it got later and later into the month, I finally said- I'll have to let this month slip by. Darn. I may save my March theme for another month, if I find that it suits it.

As far as a project for March, it looks like that has become cake classes! This week I have a class (or two, or three) every day. And every night I'm rushing around preparing for the next day's classes right up until I force myself into bed early, so I can get a decent amount of sleep before getting up early. (Early for me, that is. I can easily stay up until 3am, so forcing myself into bed at 12am to get up at 8am is difficult.) So, this month I'm going to let everything else get pushed aside, if it has to, in order to be a prepared and awesome class instructor and let myself get used to what this new job entails, including my new sleep schedule. Once I get into the groove of things and get my kitchen/baking supplies/class supplies organized better, I should be able to find more time for my usual creative projects.

I hate starting a feature on my blog and then having to miss one (or stop entirely) because "real" life gets in the way (aka I'm not prioritizing my time wisely.) so, I wanted to quickly write a post to say this is what's really up with me for March.

If you're interested you can find me on Twitter and Instagram (both @TishChambers) to follow my adventures in cake decorating classes, and my Facebook page for information about the classes and baking tips and fun stuff like that. 

As always, I have plenty of blog post ideas and half-written articles saved up, so never fear- my blogging will continue, just maybe not for the next week or so.

Enjoy the Spring weather coming at ya this month! I know I am! :)