My Current Jams

I tend to get new music about once a month when I realize I'm bored with everything I have, am craving something new, and finally give myself time to do an iTunes search for the list of music I've been meaning to check out. Which means when I get new music I get several albums and/or several artists complete discographies in one go.

Last week, my artists-to-check-out list was Sia, Kimbra and Marina & the Diamonds. I had had a few songs from Sia & Marina for a few years, but had never heard Kimbra other than on the Gotye song.

These artists have sounds more similar than I was expecting. They can all bring the catchy pop when they want to, but also have their distinct and varied styles. Sia ranges from beautiful ballads to super-fun dance & pops songs, Marina brings her unique twist and insightful lyrics to fun pop and Kimbra surprised me with songs ranging from R&B, soulful ballads, and catchy tunes.

In addition, I recently found TV Girl, thanks to Marissa A. Ross. The song Marissa posted on her wine blog was Misery, which instantly caught my ear because of it's catchy 50's-60's beach party feeling. The rest of the album carries similar vibes, but also some fun electronic-lite songs. Lucky for you, you can listen to it for free here.

My current favorite dance jam: Clap Your Hands by Sia.