Darth Vader Cake

Before starting this cake, I looked at a lot of Darth Vader cakes online. Most of them look like they all used the same directions and/or copied each other. Well, I'm guilty of that, too, now because I used the photo the client gave me as a guide, which was one of the cakes found online that looked like all the others. Also, I thought they all looked absolutely horrible! (I even had a short-lived obsession with Darth Vader's neck chain, because most cakes seemed to feature one, yet movies stills and costumes did not.)
Turns out, the joke's on me because Darth Vader's helmet is really difficult to recreate out of cake and fondant. Although, I'm pretty happy with how this cake turned out, I am also swallowing my pride after thinking it would be a masterpiece compared to all those other Darth Vader cakes. After an afternoon of staring at pictures of Darth Vader's head, trying to recreate it with fondant pieces, I never want to see it again! Oh, wait. The same client ordered Star Wars cupcakes from me for this Saturday... Luke, I hate your father...