Falling Back in Love with Hipstamatic

I first got the iPhone app Hipstamatic a couple years ago and loved it, but somewhere along the way (Instagram) stopped using it. Well, I'm back at it in full force and loving it. As well as their new app D-Series, which offers the unpredictable filter effects of Hipstamatic combined with the charm of a real-life disposable camera. (Remember those? Cameras outside of your phone?) You have to take your 24 photos before you can "develop" them and see them all. I had some fun trying it out on a walk to the store. In the rain, it turned out.

[Clockwise from top left: awkward pose, awkward pose, my brolly, all bundled up (after weeks of 30 degree weather, it was down to 12 that day), my new heavily studded belt.] [It wasn't actually that cold so the hair had to go up, I opened the door to find rain, a lost S, celtic knot in someone's garden, Ba-ba-ba-ba-Barbara Ann.]
 [Trees & flowers outside my house, walking home, exit sign in the hallway, flowers.]

I like to combine more than one photo app. I took some photos of my outfit one day with Hipstamatic, combined them into one image with Diptic, and then Instagram'd it.
 [My attempt at a feather hair piece, I cut up my black skinny jeans even more because I'm so bad ass, my face, a hand-me-down Harley Davidson shirt, black nail polish making a rare appearance.]

Yesterday was Canada Day and I chose to use Hipstamatic to capture some memories. Much more fun and lightweight than bringing my proper camera with me.
[Kelsey is excited, Rideau Canal, all alone in my photo because I was fifth wheel with two other couples, Me & Kelsey with friends creeping in the background, Kelsey and Greg.]
[A Parliament building?, walking  in downtown Ottawa, I love the old buildings downtown, the Parliament building with Feist playing on the big stage in front, a street performer.]

[We picked a bad place to view the fireworks from, so we saw the right half of them.]