Apartment Tour // Dark Art Wall

I have to start this post by introducing the latest addition to my wall...

One of my dearest, bestest, sweetest, most amazing friends, Jason (who lives on the other side of the country so I've only seen him once in the four years since we went to college together) sent me something in the mail for the first time ever.
 [I couldn't get a picture without glare! Argh!]

Is that not the most amazing thing ever?! He painted it based on a badass photo of myself (that you can see in this post). I squealed with glee and shock for about five minutes when I opened it. I was so excited to find a frame for it and add it to my wall so I could see it everyday and think "Damn, I'm cool." and "Damn, I love that boy."
[P.S. If you're into art 'n shit, you may care to know that he used spray paint and paint markers 'cause he's so talented 'n shit.]

Here is the rest of my corner...

The only real drawing I've ever done. It's Paris Hilton. I did it in high school for art class. // After seeing Adaptation., I found this beautiful photo of a ghost orchid. I've had it saved on my computer for years. I'm so glad I found a perfect frame for it.

This is one of those scratch art things. The picture is printed on the black, so you just have to scratch where it's grey. So, I can say that I did that, but also, don't be too impressed, it's not like I drew a wolf. // A collage I made of fashion-related things. Yes, that's another picture of me. // Another favorite picture, though more recent. I found this on Pinterest when searching "kites" before I made a kite for a kite-flying competition. I love jellyfish!

A tiny frame with a picture of Edie Sedgwick. A pin from a dress. Two Halloween decorations. // An Angie Wrona print. My friend Addie gave this to me, just because. Her mom is friends with Angie. I was so happy when she gave it to me because not only do I love Angie's art, but I loved the big, fat, detailed frame.

Also spotted: my mugshot card from this photoshoot.

The three smaller frames are actually Halloween decorations I bought last year and only recently figured out how to hang these heavy, table top frames on my wall. From there, it was a case of finding the perfect pictures for the frames.

[P.S. I am aware that I have not one, but two, pieces of art on my wall featuring my own face. And that in both photos I am doing a silent scream thing.]

Bonus: to the left of this area of my wall I recently made a magazine inspiration collage, something that I haven't done in years.

Stay tuned for more peeks at my little apartment!