Polka Dot Cake

This cake was also an experiment with using Wilton's White White Icing Color in cake batter. For this cake it wasn't that I wanted a white cake, but I wanted a white "canvas" to start with before I added the bright colors, so they would be as bright as possible. There was no major disaster with the cake other than the strange texture that the White White Icing Color adds to the cake (as I mentioned in the previous post).

I wanted to try out a multi-color-swirl cake like I had seen all over Pinterest, so I chose a color combination I liked (as opposed to the traditional rainbow colors). To get the colors all swirled somewhat evenly throughout the cake, I took turns pouring some batter from each bowl around the pan. It was quite messy, but got the job done.
You can see above how the cake actually came away from the side of the pan after it was out of the oven. A strange side effect of the White White Icing Color, I assume. You may also be able to tell from the last photo the strange white opaque layer/sheen that it gave the cake.

To decorate my colorful cake, I colored fondant in the same four colors that I used for the cake batter and cut out circles in four sizes using circle fondant cutters and a large round piping tip as a cutter. (Sometimes you have to use your tools for something other than what they were made for- be inventive!) Starting with the largest circles, to cover up the most space, I placed the circles all over the cake. The first layer of fondant pieces stuck to the buttercream icing, but after that I used some "gum glue" (a small amount of gum paste with water added to make a thick 'glue') to make the smaller shapes stick on top of the other fondant.


I took a piece of each cake for myself before giving them away, but I didn't end up eating them. I actually don't like cake with icing! I will happily snack on cake scraps when I'm making a cake, and I love chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate glaze, but icing just ruins cake for me. (Although, I do have some interesting icing recipes that I need to try out- maybe I just need the right icing!)