The Bakestress in September

After a few months of brainstorming, drawing, web design, graphic design, and uncertainty in my goal, I have finally unveiled an official The Bakestress website. I originally wanted just an information website, but any design felt incomplete without the blog aspect. I decided to go back to my old standard that I know and love (and know how to design), Blogger. It allowed me to combine every aspect of The Bakestress: professional (as possible) photos of cake projects, making-of photos, how-tos & DIYs, information on how to order from me, and information about the Wilton classes that I teach. I think I was able to combine my online Bakestress with my offline Bakestress with a relatable, yet professional website.

While previous baking posts will remain in this blog archive, any future baking posts will be only on The Bakestress blog. My baking posts always felt disconnected from this blog, anyway. Not because it's not possible to incorporate all of my interests into one blog, but because sometimes my baking posts are just- Here are photos of a cake I made. And that's okay on a blog that's made just for that, but felt unfinished sandwiched between fully formed articles about movies. So, if you are interested in my baking life, hop over to The Bakestress blog and follow it in whichever manner  you do.

I don't want to completely disconnect the two blogs, though, so I'm going to do a monthly round-up of Bakestress goings on here on the blog. So, if you're not ready to fully commit to following a baking blog, you can just catch up with these posts and see if anything peaks your interest.

Polka Dot Cake

Wilton Display Board Cakes


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How to make a cupcake bouquet! I love this one that looks like hydrangeas.

I love these display ideas! I've started collecting pretty dishes to create displays and stands.