Guest Posts on Chocolate & Cream Cake

This week was my third time guest posting on Chocolate & Cream Cake. I'm so grateful to Mandy for giving me the opportunity to write for her blog. Mandy's blog is fairly popular and has a loyal following, so to be trusted to write a post that fits her blog's style is an honor.

I can't quite remember how I came across Mandy's blog, or how we became Internet friends, but it happened some time ago. Now we keep in touch through Facebook, and I still enjoy all of Mandy's posts. While her main focus on the blog is all things geek, she shares all of her interests from fashion to her own home decor.

I haven't mentioned my guest posts here on my blog, other than linking them on my About page, so I thought it was time I brought it to your attention.

My first post was as a Geek of the Week. Mandy asked her readers to answer her questionnaire and be featured as a Geek of the Week. I loved when she introduced this feature as it was a way of celebrating all sorts of "geeks", not just the sci-fi-loving variety. I wrote about my own brand of geek, what are my passions and what I think it means to be a "geek".

My second post was for another great feature that Mandy called Fictional Fancies. She encouraged her readers to send in their own posts about a fictional character that they fancy. The first character that came to mind for me was Ned of Pushing Daisies. I wrote about why he is so fanciable and how much I love him and the show.

My post this week was all about Skull Appeal. While Mandy is on vacation, she is having all sorts of other bloggers fill in the gaps with guest posts. I decided to do something fun, not so wordy, and wrote about my new found love of all things skulls. 

If you know what's good for you, you'll check out my posts on Chocolate & Cream Cake and then keep on reading because Mandy is a consistent, caring blogger. Every article is well thought-out and true to her personal voice. And if you have even the slightest  bit of nerd in you, you'll definitely want to keep up with her Nerd News weekly posts. She always finds great stuff!