November // Home & Away

I was having trouble thinking of a theme for November. I was thinking of how it's not quite full-on Christmas mode yet, or even full-on winter yet, but things are starting to get cold and cozy, which made me think of home. But, then thinking of home also made me think of "home is where your heart is" and sometimes traveling is home. While this time of year is starting to make me feel "homey" with all the warm and fuzzy Christmas traditions, it's also giving me cabin fever. I suddenly have the urge to move (across town or across the country), get out of the city, travel somewhere new. I guess I'll just have to get my fix of "anywhere but here" in my usual place: movies.

Watch: Human Planet
While you're looking around your warm and cozy home, possibly starting to fill up with Christmas decor, do you ever stop to think what other people all over the world are doing right this moment? What do their homes and lives look like? How do they spend their days? Well, lucky for you this show answers those questions. The series takes a look at the lives of varying groups of people all over the world and how they live, build their homes, feed their families, and have fun.

Read: In Spite of Killer Bees
Okay, okay. I know you're sick of me just recommending teenage girl novels every month. Frankly, that's 90% of my fiction. I think it's time for me to acquire some "grown-up" novels, not only for my self but for the sake of my blog. I promise this will be my last teen novel, if you promise to read it. It's a story of three sisters, all very different, coming together to live in a dead relatives home in a new town. The youngest sister is trying to make friends despite wearing the strangest outfits possible, the middle sister is the typical wild child, and the oldest sister is the mother figure. The dynamic sounds pretty formulaic, but the story is really interesting and takes a lot of crazy turns.

Listen: Ellie Goulding
Particularly, her new album Halcyon, but if you haven't already had the pleasure of diving into her music before, then you better get her first album Lights, too. Ellie's second album keeps her dreamy, synthy, beautiful style and adds some sweet beats. Her music is the kind that you can listen to lying in bed and just be consumed by it, but also don't be afraid to get up and do some twirly dance moves when you feel moved.

I'm Looking Forward to...
Getting into the Christmas Spirit!
I love Christmastime! I am always so ready to leap right in to full-on Christmas mode immediately after my birthday, but I try to restrain myself for a few weeks. Yes, I want as much Christmastime as possible, but I also worry that if I start in on the Christmas music too early, I'll get sick of it before Christmastime is over. I may even be considering making a loose Christmas movie schedule, something like 1 per day because I have so many to get through! Yup, November is time to start thinking about Christmas presents, Christmas plans, even New Year's Eve plans!

Christmas Baking
I already have some ideas, but this will be the month I have to get started planning and making Christmas goodies, especially if they're going to be videos or blogged, they need to be up earlier than Christmas. And speaking of videos...

The Bakestress Promo Shoot
I've had the idea for quite a while, waiting until I could get myself a new camera, and now the time has come. I'm going with the retro 50's housewife/pin-up theme again. But this time I'm going all out. I'm going to do a full video and photo shoot of me and my fancy-looking baked goods. The video will just be a fun "promo" for my YouTube, and also clips will be used for a short intro for future The Bakestress instructional videos. And the photos will be used for my website, Facebook, etc.