The Fairest of Them All...

For the first time in many years I planned, made, and wore a full costume on Halloween (aka my birthday). I had the idea for a while that I wanted to be Snow White now that I have my long, dark brown hair back. However, I wanted to do some sort of twist on the classic Disney Snow White outfit, so I chose to make a 50's pin-up Snow White.

My original idea involved a pencil skirt, which screams pin-up to me, but after not being able to find appropriate yellow fabric to make one, I remembered I had a yellow skirt (vintage square dancing skirt from Grandma) that would also work. 

The "make" part of the costume was mostly the shirt. I bought a blue collared shirt from Value Village, glued white t-shirt fabric inside the collar, glued red t-shirt pieces on the sleeves and sewed (because the glue soaked through) yellow ribbon on the shortened sleeves. I also safety pinned tulle to a strip of fabric to make a sort of tutu, to give the skirt some "poof". From there, the details were all pin-up classics. Bandana, short bangs, big hair, red lips, cat eyes, mary jane pumps. The little heart on my cheek is Marina and the Diamonds inspired, just because.

I combined my Halloween cake, an anatomical heart, with my Halloween costume to make a Snow White Facebook cover picture, using quotes from the story/movies. 
What was your Halloween costume?