Movie & TV Inventions I Wish Were Real

The TARDIS from

Doctor Who

Not a

Doctor Who

fan? (How dare you?!) The TARDIS is The Doctor's, for lack of a sufficient term, space ship/time machine. Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. Basically, you can go anywhere, anywhen. And if that wasn't amazing enough, the TARDIS comes with The Doctor. Trust me, there's no one you would rather travel all of space and time with. Also- it's bigger on the inside...

Tru Blood from

True Blood

Tru Blood is the reasons vampires "come out of the coffin". It's a synthetic blood which means vampires no longer have to feed on humans to survive. But, within the show, they never discuss the other uses of the Japanese-invented synthetic blood. Vampires aside, imagine what synthetic blood would mean for the world! That would be the biggest medical discovery in history! No one would ever have to die from blood loss (in a fully stocked hospital, at least). I'm not a medical professional (unless watching seven seasons of

Grey's Anatomy

at least five times is the equivalent to the MCATs or something), but there must be some blood diseases and problems that would be made more manageable, if not curable, with readily available, clean, perfectly suited to you synthetic blood! Come on, Japanese scientists- get on that!

The Wizard (and more) from

Phil of the Future

This Disney show about a 22nd century family stuck in 2003 features all sorts of fun future gadgets that would make our lives easier. The main gadget is their Wizard. A portable gadget they keep with them that can change your appearance, change your voice, create things, disappear things, communicate via 3D hologram, and a million other things. I'm pretty sure it does something new in every episode.

Virtu-Goggles take you on a fully interactive visual, audio, full body experience. Phil and Keely just go to a circa 22nd century mall and then to a tiki bar, but imagine the possibilities!

The Giggle contains every piece of information about every single thing in the whole history of time. It replaced the thing that replaced the thing that replaced the Internet. If you think it's easy wasting a day on the Internet, imagine the time you would spend with this voice activated little screen 5 inches from your face.

Also, Pim has a stick that she just waves over her hair and it goes perfectly straight, food sprayed from a can, a Skyak, hologram alarm clock, a hoop you drop over yourself to instantly change clothes, and, of course, their time machine (if they ever fix it). 

Jumanji Board Game from


If this was a real board game, either no one would know about it because the first people to play it got killed or disappeared, or it would become a reality show. Sure, it's potentially dangerous- but fun!

Tony Stark's Computer from

Iron Man

We can't be too far from this being a reality, right? I mean, imagine trying to explain a touch-screen to someone 50 years ago. Sometimes I look at my iPhone and it still blows my mind because I have no idea how it works. (Especially why some gloves won't work, but some do.) And with technology increasing at an exponential rate, this kind of thing must be only a few years away, right? I think my favorite is when he puts his arm in the computer hologram (is that the correct term? I mean, that applies to Princess Leia's message in Star Wars, so it seems a little out of date.) and, like,


a hologram. Or, when he's looking at an engine hologram (3D screen? Is that what we can call it?) and can just move his arms and it explodes, but in a controlled manner where every little piece is there. 

Also- Jarvis. I want a house/computer/butler/answering service/life coach/calender/assistant/robot to talk to and run my life for me.

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