Baked: Bake Sale Cupcakes

My friends and I had been planning all Winter to have a yard sale to get rid of all of our junk once Spring arrived. Kelsey had the brilliant idea that I should bake some cupcakes to sell at the yard sale. Well, my friends were a little eager and decided to have to have it at their house the first weekend of April, which happened to be two days after Ottawa got hit by a freak snowstorm. Needless to say, we didn't get much street traffic for our little yard sale. I didn't sell any of my junk, but I did sell one bag of cookies and two cupcakes.

I decided to try something new for the cupcakes. Or at least new variations on tried & true recipes. 

I made Oreo/Cookies & Cream cupcakes by adding Oreo chunks to the chocolate cupcake batter, Oreo crumbs to the vanilla buttercream, and plopping a whole Oreo on top. (Fun fact: Oreos (and Fudgeeos, which I prefer) are vegan!)

I added chocolate chips to vanilla cupcakes for one of my favorite flavors, added some chopped up chocolate chips to the vanilla buttercream (if I had had tiny chocolate chips, I would have used those), and placed a chocolate chip Teddy Graham cookie on top. (Fun Fact: Teddy Grahams are not strictly vegan, as they contain honey, but I happen to be a vegan who is okay with eating honey. Thanks, bees!)

My final cupcake flavor is one of my favorites, that I've only made a handful of times, Margarita. I skip the tequila in the recipe, as I'm not a fan, but I love the colored sugar rim. (Fun Fact: This is the same lime cupcake recipe I used in the Easter Cupcakes video. But not the same icing.)