Baked: Chocolate Ganache Birthday Cake

As you would expect, I always promise my friends a great birthday cake for their birthday. This year, Kelsey didn't have a specific theme request (last year it was Dexter), so I said I would make something fancy. She chose vanilla chocolate chip for her flavor, so I went with vanilla and chocolate for the decoration as well.

I wanted to try something different with the icing, other than just super smooth, so I tried a subtle stripe technique. I really wanted to try making my own chocolate ganache, and have it dripping down the sides in a very decadent way. Turns out chocolate ganache is as easy as melting some chocolate chips with some soy milk.

I also quickly whipped up some of our favorite Chocolate Crumblies for a last minute birthday dinner & bowling night, adding some sprinkles and a candle to make them birthday cookies.