The Unicorn Hunt // DIY: Unicorn Poop Cookies

Aren't they adorable?! Here's how you can make your own!

Here are some tips we left out of the video:

Chill your dough as often as possible. After you make the recipe, after you color it, and after you create your cookies. Cold dough is easier to work with and putting cold cookies into the oven stops them from spreading even more.

You may be tempted to flour your work surface when working with cookie dough, but in this case it will not help. Although the stickiness of the dough can seem to make rolling out thin logs tricky, using flour means that your strips of dough won't stick to each other when you try to roll them together into one cookie.

The long, thin strips of dough will break often. It's no big deal, just stick it back together and be careful as you roll.

You will find as you roll from one end there will be a point at which it seems like you're rolling the wrong way. You should start rolling from the other end, in the opposite direction. Your twisting will come together in the middle and your dough will be fully twisted.

You can try spraying water from a spray bottle onto your cookies to help small sprinkles stick. Larger sprinkles are easy enough to press into the cookie by hand.

The vegan sugar cookie recipe I used was from

Have fun and watch out for the next episode of The Unicorn Hunt on November 27th!
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