Recollections: The Matrix

It's been 15 years since The Matrix was released. Really? 15 years? No, surely that's a glitch in the Matrix...

Let’s just get this question out of the way because I know it’s the first one on all of our minds right now…

What is the Matrix?!

Did every little girl who watched this want to be bad ass Trinity, too? 

Or just me? I was 9 when The Matrix came out in 1999. I wanted to be Trinity. It was probably because she was the only female character in the movie, to be honest. Sigh.

“Get up, Trinity. Just get up. Get. Up.”

I use a similar self-motivation technique to get myself out of bed in the morning.

Remember floppy discs?

Ha ha ha ha! Floppy discs...

Do these kinds of clubs really exist and do they still play Dragula by Rob Zombie?

I never understand club scene in movies because they show the commoners dancing all in a mass to some bad ass, but not really dance-able song while the tough crew sit in the VIP area and manage to have conversations without leaning in and screaming to be able to hear.

Do you remember this kind of cell phone?

I had a Spice Girls toy cell phone that slid open. Man, it was the coolest. Who wants to flip when you can slide? I wish I still had that Spice Girls phone…

Which pill would you take?

I think we all like to say we would take the red pill but I bet most of us would rather just chill in the Matrix than live in the real world. But, Neo’s already gotten to this point. He’s not going to turn back now. What an exciting adventure! I think if I got to this point, knew I was in The Matrix, then I would just want to stay in the Matrix, but could they give me some cheat codes like infinite money and health?

Also, how do his glasses stay on his nose?

That is the greatest mystery of The Matrix indeed… Maybe I just need to realize the truth; there are no glasses…

“I can’t go back, can I?” “No. But if you could, would you really want to?”

If you found out the world was a lie, would you want to stay in the real world, fighting to survive, or go back to your comfortable life? This reminds me of a

Doctor Who

episode wherein the Queen chooses over and over again to forget the horrible truth behind her country’s survival, so that they can go on living comfortably. But, I feel like we face this kind of decision very often and most people choose to ignore the “real world” and go back to their comfortable lives. How many times have you seen something on the news, or posted in your Facebook feed about the terrors going on around the world? How many times have you actually done something about it? I guessing, like me, you feel bad for a moment, perhaps even click on the article to learn more, but in the end you are just grateful that you can choose to leave it behind and continue your life as it is. Unfortunately, there are not many people who, when faced with the world’s suffering, jump into action. It’s easy to ignore a Facebook post, but if you found yourself in the thick of it, would you want to go home and forget about it, or would it finally be close enough to change your life?

“How did I beat you?”

Because you’re really badass, okay, Morpheus? We get it.

How did they not see Cypher’s betrayal coming?

He’s such a dick. It’s so obvious that he doesn’t want to be there, he doesn’t like anyone, he outright says that he would rather be in the Matrix and he drinks disgusting moonshine. Also, he is bald with a soul patch. Obviously a baddie.

Is that really what you would call deja-vu?

Seeing the exact same thing 3 seconds apart isn’t deja-vu… Deja-vu is when your brain has a glitch and is experiencing and remembering at the same time. That scene always bugged me. I get that they wanted to show something identical twice, to demonstrate deja-vu, but deja-vu would have been if he just saw the cat once and said “Woah. Deja-vu.” That aside, do you also worry that you are in the Matrix when you get deja-vu?

Do you agree that the human race is a virus?

I think it’s a pretty fair analogy. If the Earth is a living organism, which supports many other living organisms (Whether you like it or not, the human body houses something like 2 pounds of bacteria, FYI. Organisms support other organisms.) and of all the organisms on Earth, humans are the only ones changing the Earth to support our own life, sacrificing the health of Earth for our own procreation, and are eager to spread ourselves to other planets that we could infect. It’s strange to hear from a computer, but he’s right. We are the biggest virus problem.

Dudes, why do you keep wasting your bullets on the concrete pillars?

You know you can’t shoot through them, right? You’re not going to hit him as long as he’s behind one. These guys are terrible. Save your ammo. Shoot the targets, not the walls, dum dums. Yeesh.

If the Agents can manipulate The Matrix, why do they stay human?

It’s their program, right? So, they could add to it, change the physics, or instantly create matter? Why don’t they become killing machines more efficient than humans? Or, why can’t they just change a little bit of code in the Matrix and make people dead? Maybe, the computers who took over the world are not actually so clever...

Why doesn’t Neo die?

Morpheous said “The body cannot live without the mind.” but if my mind doesn’t think I’m dead, then I’m not dead? Neo just took “mind over matter” to the next level. Or I guess it’s “mind over Matrix”. Heh heh heh.

Okay, but seriously, are we or are we not actually in The Matrix?

That is the question...