April Round-Up: Geek & Sundry, The Host, & a New Bike!

Movies Watched 
2 Days in New York - A sort-of sequel to 2 Days in Paris, in which Marion and her boyfriend visit her family in Paris, this movie takes place years later when Marion's crazy French family comes to stay with her and her boyfriend (and their children from previous relationships). Her family is absolutely nuts, so it's all so hilarious.

Before Midnight - If you haven't seen Before Sunrise or Before Sunset (Before Midnight is the third in this series), I highly recommend them if you like character-based movies with lots of thought-provoking conversation.

Much Ado About Nothing - I love Shakespeare movies because they allow me to actually enjoy Shakespeare! No one can appreciate or understand Shakespeare when it's being read awkwardly aloud by a 15 yr-old boy in your 10th grade English class. They are plays, they need to be played out! If you're not familiar with Shakespeare, this is a good movie to start with. It's totally understandable (they just speak in a lot of metaphors) and hilarious.

Frozen - I swear, by the time I watched this movie, I had already seen half of it in gifs on Tumblr. I'm not nearly as over-the-moon about it as everyone else seems to be. It had laugh-out-loud moments, but the story was nothing special. A pretty quick fairytale. It needed more development time. I didn't feel like I knew the characters at all. (But maybe I'm just getting too old for Disney fairy tales?)

Monsters University - Monsters Inc. is a movie I've rewatched many times because it's lighthearted and fun (and Boo is so cute!) and Monsters University is the same. I really liked seeing younger Mike & Sully become a team.

TV Watched
Happy Endings - I watched this series (only 3 seasons- wah!) sometime last year for the first time. It's pretty funny and I love the characters. (P.S. If you are watching it on Netflix or something, the episodes (esp. season 1) are out of order. Look it up on Wikipedia and watch in order of the production code numbers. I realized this problem the first time I watched it because they put episodes 2 & 3 later in the season and I was like "Why are they dealing with this stuff months after the fact?")

Sherlock: Season 3 - I just had to watch it again! Drunk Sherlock & Watson is my favorite! :)

American Horror Story: Coven - I'm a sucker for anything witchy and everyone was so obsessed with it on Tumblr that I gave in even though horror/thriller as a genre does not appeal to me. I really loved it, of course. Incredible and crazy. I'm definitely going to watch the first two seasons now, and I'm excited for next season- Freak Show!

Broad City - These girls are ridiculous and amazing. I love these shows (mostly web shows) coming out that show twenty-something girls in a more realistic way. It's the humor of everyday life that we can all relate to. Or, if not, you would laugh if it happened to a friend.

Web Series Watched 
Caper - This is a great series from Geek & Sundry about a group of superheroes that live together and find that having superpowers doesn't mean you can pay rent.

Dragon Age: Redemption - I checked this out because of my recent Felicia Day obsession (she wrote & starred in it) even though it's based in a video game world and I'm not a gamer. It's actually a really good story. It does a good job of explaining how things in their world work, so you don't feel out of the loop.

Cristina Viseu - This isn't a web series, exactly, just a channel. Cristina is Geek & Sundry's videography & photography vlogger. I've already learned a lot from her about equipment, cameras, and shooting.

Chaotic Awesome - It's a live online show, but segments are uploaded to the channel after. I haven't been interested in every segment, but I watch any that look interesting. It's all about geek culture, technology, gaming, etc.

The Flog - It's my favorite geek girl- Felicia Day! She talks at the camera about cool stuff and then there is a segment in which she learns something like blacksmith-ing, crocheting, yo-yo-ing, even trapeze-ing! Lots of fun.

Felicia Day - Again, not a web series, but rather a channel. Felicia no longer does her series The Flog, but she has been uploading vlogs on her own channel. She talks about interesting stuff or recaps her adventures.

Bee and Puppycat - Blame Felicia again. She mentioned this web series, so I checked it out. It's only two parts right now, but a successful Kickstarter campaign means they are making more! It's so weird but so funny and awesome.

Books Read 
The Host- I finally read it! Once I got started, I couldn't stop. (As with any good novel.) It's been 5 years since I last read it, so it was still exciting to read, even though I knew the gist of what would happen. I'm going to watch the movie this weekend. I'm a bit nervous because I know it will not be as good, but I'm interested to see how they adapted it.

Music Played
Christina Perri - Head or Heart
Iggy Azalea - New Classic
OneRepublic - Waking Up, Native
Shakira - Shakira.

Games Played
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! (PlayStation)
I last year, my friends and I had a yard sale, and they were selling their PlayStation and games. Being the retro console collector that I was (or trying to be) I snatched that baby up. I haven't played it much until my gaming kick I've been on lately, and I finally found a game for it that I liked. Being the "casual" gamer that I am, I like easy games. Spyro is pretty chill. There's no pressure to be fast, or good, or not die. Plus, he's really cute!

Cakes Made at Work

Fun Had 
I got a new bike! I've had the same bike since I was a kid. I didn't use it much, so I didn't care how stupid I looked on a boy's blue and yellow mountain bike. But this past year, I biked to work all Summer, until it finally got a flat tire. I was planning on getting myself a new bike in the Spring anyway, so I said so long to my childhood bike and looked forward to a cute bike in the Spring! I could only find one bike that had the cute retro cruiser style, but actually had gears. I wasn't looking for a purple bike, but I've come to love it.

After I got my new futon mattress, I got out my sewing machine to fix up/make some pillowcases I've been meaning to do. I'd been saving this cute Nintendo t-shirt to make into a pillowcase. It wasn't big enough on its own, so I had to use a scrap red t-shirt to give it a border, and a white t-shirt to make the back.

I tweeted the link to my Girl I Love: Felicia Day blog post to Felicia and she tweeted back! So exciting!

Links & Likes
A Bad Lip Reading of The Twlight Saga: Eclipse made me laugh so hard. Do yourself a favor and watch all the bad lip readings videos. Maybe have a paramedic standing by to revive you when you kill yourself laughing.

In 2012, Miley Cyrus made a few Backyard Sessions videos. Her rendition of Jolene is pretty amazing.

I love this geek anthem from Felicia Day & friends; I'm the One That's Cool. It's an awesome song with a great message.