Baking Inspiration: Rosebud Cakes

I do a lot of the buttercream decorating on cakes at work while my co-cake decorator, Theresa, specializes in fondant. She brought Rosebud Cakes' work to my attention a while ago. She had always thought that the custom caricatures were created with modeling chocolate, but when the bakery posted step-by-step photos of the process, she was amazed to find out that they were created with buttercream icing.


I don't think I could create caricatures of people, but I am interested in trying out this kind of buttercream sculpting. Before working at the bakery, I had learned that I am not a sculptor; fondant cakes were not my forté at all. But I had no idea what you can do with the right icing. I've done cakes out of just buttercream that, a year ago, I wouldn't have thought possible without fondant (ie. An Audi) and used piping tips and techniques in new ways to create textures. (ie. These swans) I love would the challenge to create more 3-dimensional cakes & cake toppers with buttercream.

Image credits: Rosebud Cakes Facebook