2014 Round-Up: My Favorites

What a year! I may not have blogged as much as I wanted to, but I did have some good times. Here are some of my favorite things I experienced this past year. Here's to 2015!

Favorite Movies

Camp Takota - The "Holy Trinity" of YouTube (Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart, and Hannah Hart) made a movie! It's hilarious and a touching story about friendship and nice things.

Much Ado About Nothing - Making a Shakespeare movie that I not only understood completely but also made me laugh is another reason to adore Joss Whedon.

Maleficent - It's a beautiful, magical story about the pain of betrayal, true love, and forgiveness.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Dancing baby Groot. Need I say more? Okay, how about hilarious, fun, adventure, sci-fi, friendship...

The Book of Life - It's just soooo beautiful! And a great story about love and a kickass lady standing up for herself.

Favorite TV

American Horror Story: Coven - I wasn't interested in this series until I started seeing lots of this season on Tumblr. I'm into anything to do with witches, so I had to check it out. It's crazy and weird and I love it.

Broad City - These girls are my heroes, role models, BFFs (I wish). So hilarious and relatable and nuts and I just have mad love for these courageous characters.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Funniest new show this year. It's brilliant. I love shows with a diverse ensemble cast. Every one of them is a weirdo and I love it.

How I Met Your Mother - I finally watched it. Wish I skipped the ending. Nevertheless, it's a funny show and I grew to love the characters. I love seeing a healthy relationship on screen for once (Lily and Marshal), and I think I love Robin the best because she's so ambitious and badass and a bro.

Parks and Recreation - I started to watch it once and wasn't feeling it, but tried again and loved it. Nearly everything April does reminds me of my best friend, so it's like watching friends on TV.

Favorite Web Series

TableTop - Solely responsible for my board game revival this year. It's strange how fun it is to just watch people play a board game. But, you get to see a new game being played so you can decide if it's something you would like to play, and everyone is so funny, it's like being at a board game party except everyone is more entertaining.

Co-Optitude - I was already into collecting old consoles & games, but this definitely inspired me to actually play them more and dub myself a "casual retro" gamer. Even if the game they're playing sucks, Felicia and Ryon make it so much fun.

Bee and Puppycat - So weird. So funny. So delightful. I'm obsessed. Peed with excitement when they announced it was becoming a series. Now I pee with excitement every other week when a new episode is posted.

Chris Hardwick’s All Star Bowling - I love bowling. I love Chris Hardwick. I love celebrities, comedians, and super cool people. It's like watching a bunch of cool people you recognize hang out and it leaves you with an urge to go bowling.

The Guild - It's a web series about gamers. I am not a gamer. But I love these characters. Jeff Lewis as Vork is definitely my favorite because he is just the funniest.

Favorite Music

BEYONCÉ by Beyoncé - I didn't jump on the Beyoncé bandwagon until early this year, but once I watched through the whole album, I was hooked. I still am. I haven't experienced this kind of album love in a long time.

The New Classic by Iggy Azalea - I've never been one for rap and/or hip-hop but I am into Iggy. I just am.

Goddess by Banks - Listened to this album a million times and I'm not sick of it. It's just gorgeous. It's just musical perfection to me. The music and the lyrics are just- Mmm. I'm just so deep into it and never want to get out.

1989 by Taylor Swift - So much fun! I really liked her last album, too, but I am into every song of this album.

Queen of the Clouds by Tove Lo - Powerful pop music with powerful lyrics. I'm dancin', I'm vibin', I'm singing along.

Favorite Games

Child of Light - This is the reason I made my brother give me a PS3. (He had more than one, that hoarder.) Felicia Day talked about it in one of her videos and I thought it was just so pretty that I had to have it. It is very pretty with very beautiful animation and game play. It's a very pretty adventure and every once in a while you have to fight bad things. I like the fight style because you take turns with your moves, so I don't get that panic that I get from other games when I am suddenly under attack.

Little Big Planet Karting - I love racing games. This racing game also focuses on weapons and defense while racing. It's got some crazy adorable and weird and awesome levels and you can make your racer and car really cute.

Scotland Yard - I got this board game from my parents' stash and my friends and I played it so often this past year that we actually got sick of it and had to officially retire it. It's a really cool team detective game, but every game goes the same so it doesn't take many plays to get sick of it. We'll play it again someday.

Say Anything - This game is super fun for a group of close friends. It's akin to Cards Against Humanity in that the funniest/best answer wins, but because you write your own answers to questions that begin "In my opinion..." it's really only possible to play with your friends who know you well enough to give good answers.

The Game of Life: My Little Pony - My last board game purchase of 2014, we had a lot of fun playing this at Girls Game Night. I don't know the original Game of Life well enough to make comparisons, but this game is based on friends, friendship points, and good times. Not to mention, your game pieces are teeny weeny My Little Ponies (I dibs Doctor Whooves!)

Favorite Cakes

Favorite Fun Times

Making The Unicorn Hunt - Kelsey and I finished up the first season of The Unicorn Hunt at the beginning of the year. I loved making The Unicorn Hunt so much. I learned so much, challenged myself, and am so proud that I did it! I'm excited to start season 2 this Spring!

Dying my Hair - In May, I made a very rash decision to bleach da shit out of my beautiful long dark hair so I could have fun with pastel colors. I've had bright red hair several times in my life, but never when my hair has been this long (it's never been this long) and never any Manic Panic color other than red. I had fun experimenting with purple and pink for 5 months and then went red in October for my Queen of Hearts costume. I'm keeping the red until May at least so I can cosplay as Ariel for Ottawa ComicCon, and then I think back to purple & pink.

Camping - My friends and I went on a little camping trip in July and it was the best! We camped near Toronto so we could go to a bridal shop and the Toronto aquarium. I can't wait to go camping again this summer!

Getting My Ears Pierced - At the age of 24, I got my very first piercings. I decided to skip the lobes and go for two helix on one ear and the tragus on the other. I hated the silver barbells I had to get pierced with but now I have black hoops and I love them.

My Birthday Party - I loved my Queen of Hearts costume, cake, tarts and Wonderland theme so much! My friends came over and we played board games and video games and drank and had fun!


Kim’s Birthday Party - We went to Fun Haven which is like a big arcade with bumper cars, a laser obstacle course, laser tag, rock climbing, and so much fun! And then we went out to a club (first time in years, I'm such a boring old lady) and had fun dancing the night away.


The Nutcracker - I've always wanted to get dressed up nice and go see The Nutcracker, so this year I finally did it! I went with two friends, we had great seats, and I loved it so much!

New Year’s Eve - I went out for NYE for the first time ever, I think. The club we went to played old and new music so it was so much fun to dance to Backstreet Boys or Spice Girls and then Rihanna, etc.

What were your favorites in 2014?