Cupcakes & Cocktails: The Little Mermaid

This video was super fun to make. I love my seashell crop top that I made with iron-on transfer paper, and I'm so lucky that I found shorts the exact shade of green to match Ariel's tail! I started off trying to do a higher-pitched sing-songy Disney princess kind of voice to be Ariel but it somehow turned into a sort of cliché dumb blonde kind of thing. Or just me being weird and stupid as usual but with a slightly different inflection. 

Sea salt buttercream (recipe found here) sounded super weird to me, but I knew sea salt & caramel was a popular flavour combo these days, so I figured it wasn't too much of a stretch that sea salt & dark chocolate turned out to also be a popular flavor combo. The icing doesn't actually taste salty. It's not like a chocolate cupcake you dropped in the ocean. (Although, I'm sure that's how Ariel would prefer to eat her cupcakes.) I found that the salt actually enhanced the sweetness of the icing in an unusual way. If you think about it, any sweet thing you make always has a pinch of salt, right? And some people (not me) actually enjoy sweet and salty foods in their mouth at the same time. It's something about contrast and juxtaposition that enhances both flavours.

The fish bowl cocktail (recipe found here) was an ambitious idea. It's clear to me now that the person who wrote out the recipe must not have actually made it like they described. The photo on the website has the ice and fish candy, but no nerds. You do not want to see what the drink looked like after I was done cleaning up after my video. (Hint: My friend said it looked like a disease.) The nerds as aquarium gravel is adorable, but not practical if you're going to take more than 2 minutes to drink your drink. I also should have had more ice and/or less drink. You can see as I'm pouring in the drink the point that the ice starts to float and my fishies fall to the bottom. You need enough ice in there that it doesn't move, so the fish candies stay in place. In the end, it didn't matter how cute the drink looked because it was actually soooo delicious! I have absolutely no taste for wine, beer, or any drink that actually tastes like alcohol, so I was pleasantly surprised when I took my first sip and it just tasted like a fruity drink. I'm also not a fan of pineapple juice, but in this drink it's just enough to make it taste very "tropical".

Are you surprised this is the first time that I've dressed up as Ariel when I've had my red hair since October? I am. When I went red with my hair it was more about fulfilling my dream of having long red hair that I'd had since I first dyed my hair bright red when I was 16. I didn't realize the Ariel comparison until I actually had the very long red hair. That's when I decided I would keep the red until at least May so that I could cosplay as Ariel for Ottawa ComicCon.

So, I'm finally getting around to making the most of my red hair by rocking the pin-up look for my TableTop Day photos (Red hair looks so good with the pin-up style, amiright?), and now being a modern/hipster Ariel for a video. My next red-hair-essential look will be a Snow White themed episode of Cupcakes & Cocktails (Skin white as snow, hair red as blood, lips black as ebony... That's how it goes, right?) I'm loving the red hair lately so much that I'm tempted to keep it into the summer months so I can actually wear my hipster Ariel outfit and get some good outdoor photos of my Ariel cosplay (her blue dress look). However, maintaining a very specific shade of red hair is a lot more work and dye ($$$) than my previous hair color, purple/pink. Purple is more forgiving because I liked it to be various shades of purple & pink, in various degrees of fading. Red has to be refreshed frequently or else I get people saying it's pink, which has always been a big pet peeve of mine.

Well, enjoy your cupcakes and cocktail. (They're honestly sooo delicious!) I'll leave you with my best #HipsterAriel impression.

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