New Podcast! The Doctor's Companions: A Doctor Who Rewatch Podcast

It's another podcast from me and my friends! For this podcast, Juliana and I are joined by our friend, Linda, to discuss our favorite show Doctor Who. Well, I should say, it's definitely Juliana's and my favorite show, but Linda is our resident newbie (NeWhovian, if you will). She's watching Doctor Who for the first time for this podcast, so we can get first impressions from her as Juliana and I have rewatched the show so many times we no longer remember what our first thoughts were.

In each episode, we are discussing two episodes of Doctor Who, starting at the beginning of the new series with "Rose". Linda gives her first impressions of characters and plot lines, while Juliana and I can be a bit more critical of how the show compares to its future episodes. This podcast definitely has spoilers as Juliana and I are always getting ahead of ourselves, comparing The Doctor, baddies, and companions to future storylines. However, as Linda is still working her way through the entire series, we try not to spoil ahead of what Linda has seen. In a few months, when Linda is caught up- all bets are off, we can talk about anything! So this isn't a podcast for people to listen to along with their first viewing of the series. It's for crazy Whovians who are so into Doctor Who that they would want to listen to three friends discuss each and every episode.

Aside from discussing what happens in each episode, our thoughts, and comparisons to the rest of the series, we will be pointing out sneaky foreshadowing (like every "bad wolf" reference), deciding how realistic the science is (Where is this artificial gravity coming from?!), and fun behind-the-scenes tidbits we get from Doctor Who Confidential. We also do fun stuff like tell you which British treat we are indulging in while we record (tea, of course, but also Jammie Dodgers, etc.), answer any emails we get from listeners, a question of the week (Who's your favorite one-off companion?), and we always check in to see if anyone cried during that episode. (Season 2 finale, for sure!)

We recorded the first three episodes in one crazy long afternoon full of comparing notes, feeling awkward talking into a mic, tea, Jammie Dodgers, and sore butts from sitting on shitty folding chairs. Unfortunately, I recorded those first three episodes with some kind of voice effect on, so we all have a bit of an echo. Fortunately, I realized what the problem was, and the audio will be much cleaner after the third episode.

This podcast will have the same uneven schedule (two weeks on, one week off) as In the Movies, so it will take approximately one hundred years to get through the entire series, but we are all looking forward to it!

Listen to it on iTunes (subscribe, rate & review!), our Podbean site, or right here, using the embedded player below!