New Podcast! In the Movies... with Tish and Juliana

It's finally here! The idea was hatched in my brain a couple years ago, shared with Juliana a couple months ago, recorded a couple weeks ago, and now it's finally in the iTunes store!

Hop on over to the iTunes store with

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or you can search "Tish Chambers" (I'm searchable in iTunes, guys!) to find it or "In the Movies" will find it fifth in the list of podcasts! 

Here's the deal: We are passionate cinephiles who have a lot to say about movies and the industry. Each episode focuses on one movie and a related topic. We’re interested in how movies are made, how stories are told, and what they tell us about our culture.

In our first episode, we talk about

The Host

and movies based on books. (See how the topic is related to the movie? You get the idea.) Future episodes will include

Much Ado About Nothing

& Shakespeare in movies,


& women in the film industry,


& movies that are so bad they're good, Disney fairy tale villains, 3D technology, LGBT representation, science fact vs. science fiction... I could go on and on. We have so many topics to discuss that we are just so excited to get to all of them!

For now, our schedule is a bit odd. Unfortunately, hosting a podcast ain't cheap if you want enough space to upload one every single week. We're paying for a hosting site, but we can't fit four episodes in a month's worth of space. So, working with what we have, we will be posting episodes two weeks on, one week off (three out of any four weeks). Odd schedule, I know, every other week would make more sense, but we want to get out as many episodes as we can! So, almost every Friday you can expect a new podcast episode.

Who wants an origin story?! Here's how this all came together for me and Juliana... 

It was a couple years ago that I first started listening to podcasts, specifically

StarTalk Radio

 with Neil DeGrasse Tyson (I'm really into science and shit, guys.) It was then that I first had the idea of the format for this podcast. It was very exciting for me as podcasts were a new media to me. I'd never had a podcast idea before. There was just one flaw in my brilliant idea; I didn't have anyone to podcast with. All the podcasts I was listening to were essentially hour-long conversations between interesting people (

The Nerdist


Girl on Guy

). As much as I wanted to make a podcast, I knew it wouldn't be what I wanted, and what people would want to listen to, if it was just one person rambling on about her thoughts on movies. I needed a co-host, or at least a range of regular guests. The problem with that was my friends did not share my love of movies. I've never had friends that shared my hobbies (making videos, blogging) or some of my interests (movies, the movie industry, movie making, TV). So where would I find someone to talk movies with? 

I held onto the format idea, debating back and forth if I should just go ahead and do the podcast by myself, or maybe write it for the blog instead. I went so far as to purchase a good microphone and create

cover art

for the podcast. A few months ago, I decided I would condense the idea to make it into videos on my YouTube channel. I filmed one, but

editing it

was doing my head in. I was all over the place, and having trouble keeping it short enough. (No one watches anything over 5, maybe 10, minutes long on YouTube, really.)

Around that same time, I started listening to a


rewatch podcast (

Best of Friends

) that I really enjoy and sparked the idea in my head of a

Doctor Who

rewatch podcast with me (a full-on obsessed Whovian) and a friend who was new to

Doctor Who

. I thought of my friend Linda, who I knew listened to some podcasts and had asked me about

Doctor Who

a while ago. When we got together to discuss our idea, we were with our whole group of friends in a hot tub (Jealous?) and as we discussed, our friend Juliana perked up because she was also obsessed with

Doctor Who

and, evidently, podcasts. I should explain now that my group of best friends have been my best friends since high school. Juliana was a new friend that I met at work and had become a friend over the past six months. It had apparently completely skipped my mind that I had a friend who was as into

Doctor Who

as I was. So, Linda, Juliana and I decided to do the

Doctor Who

podcast together. And on the way home, I brought up my movies podcast idea to Juliana, since I had just that night realized I had a friend who was as into movies as I am. I was so used to doing my creative projects alone, or sometimes dragging my friends into them, that I forgot I had a new friend, Juliana, who actually shared my interests.

So, I sent Juliana all my notes I had for possible movies & discussion topics, and she sent back all her thoughts on them, and we got really excited to start recording! And the rest is history... Or, rather, one podcast episode so far.

Listen to our podcast on


or, if you're new to this whole podcast thing and/or not into iTunes, you can listen on our

Podbean site

 or use the embedded player below! Be sure to subscribe, review, and give us five stars in the iTunes store. And, of course,


to it! If you're not into movies that much (What are you doing on my blog then?) then share it with your movie-loving friends!

And watch out for our

Doctor Who


The Doctor's Companions: A Doctor Who Rewatch Podcast

, premiering next Thursday!