New YouTube Show! Teach Me, Tish!

I'm very excited about my new YouTube show, Teach Me, Tish! My goal with this series is to share some fun knowledge about topics that maybe you think you know about, but I've got some more interesting information about it. 

I was mostly inspired by the British quiz show QI (Quite Interesting). It's a hilarious show that covers a wide range of topics, and focuses on debunking commonly believed facts, and diving deeper into topics that we thought we knew about. I often learn a fun fact on QI and then do my own research on that topic to learn more.

This first episode is a bit rough around the edges (My whiteboard drawing skills need some work.) but I'm happy with it for a first attempt and feel confident that they will only improve from here.

This first episode was inspired by learning (probably on QI) that humans have more than just the five traditional senses. I had never thought about it much before, but learning about proprioception and all of our internal senses sparked my interest in learning more about all of our senses, how they work, how they evolved, and what senses animals have that we don't. 

I kept this first episode pretty simple, just talking about all of our senses and how they work, but eventually episodes will dive deeper into subjects. I'm not trying to be an expert in any field, I just want to share fun facts and stuff you didn't know before!

Like I said, I'm no expert, so I will always share my sources here so you can do your own research if you want to know even more.


If you want to learn more about smell and taste in particular, check out this video that Crash Course just put out. This would have been in my sources list, except that it was posted just after I filmed my video. Crash Course is created by Hank & John Green of VlogBrothers on YouTube. They also created SciShow & SciShow Space and Mental Floss. Lots of fun learning from the Green bros!