Cupcakes & Cocktails: Snow White

So, now you know that I am certainly no experienced mixologist and I also can't even handle the taste of alcohol. But it's because I don't like the taste of alcohol that I became interested in learning how to make cocktails, so I can make drinks that are actually delicious but still get me drunk. ;) For now, I am finding recipes online to recreate (adjusting sometimes to what I actually have available) but as I learn more, and stock up my own bar, I'll be able to experiment with drinks to create my own. 

Why didn't the layering thing work? I think it's because the recipe said green apple schnapps but I used green apple Sour Puss because that's what I already had. The densest liquid stays at the bottom, which is the sugariest, I think. I guess Sour Puss is sugarier than schnapps, so it didn't want to stay on top. It went to the middle, actually, I guess some of the vodka without enough grenadine in it went to the top. If I had had enough green apple to make another one (I made one in the video and then another for the close-up) I would have put way too much grenadine in, to make sure it was dense enough to stay on the bottom.

Black Velvet Cupcakes and Cream Cheese Icing
Poison Apple Martini

Of course, I couldn't resist taking some Snow White photos while I was all dressed up. The first & last time I wore this costume was Halloween (my birthday) 2012. See those photos and how I made it here.

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