In the Movies... Ep. 3: Bridesmaids & Women in Film

This week's episode of the podcast is really important to me and Juliana as movie watchers, as women, and to me especially as a woman who has wanted to be a filmmaker since I was about 12 years old. We're talking about women in the film industry and the dismal statistics and realities of that.

But first, we talk about an awesome, hilarious, feminism-filled, female written & led movie that everyone loves; Bridesmaids! We talk about how great it is to see real, funny, sometimes gross, sometimes jealous, sometimes crazy, females and female friendships on screen. We talk about all of our favorite parts and why this script is so great, including how we would react if a guy wanted to bake with us (Spoiler Alert: We'd love it!) I talked about perspective/point-of-view in movies because I think this movie is a great example of how seeing a story through the perspective of only one character can distort how events really happened. We think Helen probably isn't really a huge bitch but Annie, in her current life state, would perceive every little thing Helen did as a dig at her. It's interesting to think about what movies would be like if seen from a different character's perspective. Something to think about when watching movies.

And then we get into the juicy stuff. We came armed with articles, infographics, statistics, interviews, videos, etc. to lay down some harsh truths that we think any movie lover, male or female, needs to know. I think we all know by now how underrepresented women are on screen and how few women there are in the industry, but some of the stats we throw at you are truly shocking. Not only are women not in the film industry enough, but we have some information that gives us an idea of why we're not. (Hint: It starts with a 'P' and ends with an 'atriarchy'.)

It's not all bad news, though. We do have some things to talk about how women are helping out women in the industry. We're not saying anything is getting better so far, but there is progress being made, especially recently. Just in the two weeks since we recorded this episode, some awesome women in filmmaking news has come up, which I share below. Apparently, we're not the only ones getting riled up about this issue and trying to do something about it.

So, please, take a listen to this episode. It's pretty long (2 hours) but guess what, it's a podcast, you don't have to listen to it all in one sitting. And it's jam-packed with important stuff that we hope will get your blood boiling as much as it did ours. Listed below are links to all of our sources, and some great stuff that we've found since then. I encourage you to take a look at the articles for more information. The infographics especially are great for visual learners to really get the point across.

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