In the Movies... Ep. 4: Barbarella & Bad Movies

After our extra long, extra informative, extra infuriating last episode, we switch gears and have some fun talking about cult classic Barbarella and movies that are so bad they're good! 

We actually watched Barbarella together and had so much fun laughing at it. It's so ridiculous yet so good! We love the sets, her outfits, and the whole look of the film. We also have to discuss how sex is used in this film. Barbarella has a lot of it. 

Then we go on to talk about other movies that may be called "bad" but we like them anyway which brings up the question of what is "bad", anyway? We agree that if you like something, it's not bad. Are you entertained? Does it mean something to you? Then that's good for you!

In the spirit of bad movies, here's a list of some other so bad they're good movies on BuzzFeed. I'm really interested in seeing some of these now. This kind of movie is best viewed with alcohol and friends.

You don't need alcohol or friends to listen to our podcast, though! Listen on iTunes, Podbean, or stay right here with the player below! 

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