The Doctor's Companions Ep. 04: Introducing the Daleks

The Daleks are back! Well, only if you were already a Classic Who watcher. And that is precisely my issue with the episode "Dalek". I don't think the episode was a good introduction to the Dalek race for people watching Doctor Who for the first time. Only people who are familiar with the horrible things Daleks are capable of would be scared to hear that voice in the dark. And furthermore, I don't even think Daleks are that scary. Yes, I now know what they are capable of, but as far as striking fear in my heart, they're not nearly as terrifying as, say, statues that move when you're not looking, a crazy time lord bent on revenge, or an unknown creature lurking under the covers.

This week's podcast is a three-for-one because the next two episodes of the show are a two-parter, so we had to keep them together in the schedule. We go from my issues with the Daleks return/introduction to our dislike of Adam, the companion that couldn't companion, and end with the emotional, but scientifically flawed, death of Rose's dad.

There are a few changes to our podcast format, as this was our second recording session. We're starting the episodes with any Doctor Who news we've heard and a question for us (and our listeners!) to answer. (This week was "Who is your favorite one-off companion?" inspired by this article on Geek & Sundry.) We're going to be rating each episode with grades (B is average, A+ would probably be a Moffat story, etc.) and we're working on smoothing out our intro and outro (which now includes a question for the next episode, so you have a change to send us your answer for us to read on the podcast!) 

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