The Doctor's Companions Ep. 7: The Dawn of Tennant

Season 2 begins! Juliana and I are so excited to have the tenth Doctor, however Linda holds a soft spot for Nine. The season starts off strong with a great episode that really shows why Doctor Who is such a great show. It's a big mysterious adventure, it's hilarious, The Doctor gets serious when necessary, and there are allusions to upcoming big story arcs.

In Who News this episode, I talked about a really cool Doctor Who cookbook. I realized after recording I forgot to even mention the name of the book! It's Dining with the Doctor: Regenerated. Check out the (finished) Kickstarter campaign for more info, or check out the first edition available on Amazon.

Be sure to send us your answer to our question for Ep. 9 (S02E04 & S02E07): What historical figure would you want to go back and meet?

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